Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 Fall/Autumn Fashion Inspiration - Olivia Palermo

The leaves are turning golden brown and there's a new chill in the air. Autumn arrives in preparation for the cold winter up ahead. It's been a long time since my last entry on fashion. Now that the season is changing and people start bringing out their warmers coats and boots, I'm enjoying the warmer and darker colours making their way back into the crowds. Warm maroon colours, dark chocolate brown, the ever-reliable solid black, dark forest green, and burned orange are just some of my favourite fall colours.

Out of all my favourite fashion icons, Olivia Palermo looks chic in, literally, every outfit she puts on. She oozes of class and the finesse nature of her outfits are just pure classic. I wish I had the ability to look chic in every outfit I put on. Boots are now the staple shoes that everyone is wearing, especially ankle boots of neutral and dark tones. Asos have one of the best ranges of shoes for all those online-savvy shoppers. But nothing will ever beat the good feeling of entering shops and smelling the air of fabric, leather and eye-candy options. Without further ado, I've collected some of Palermo's endless inspiring outfits to give you some ideas of how you can start thinking about your fall outfits. Remember, you don't need to buy new clothes and items every season. If there's one absolutely true fact I've learned about fashion is that, like history, it repeats itself.

This is probably my favourite outfit of hers. It may not be ground-breaking or anything, but the cream coloured top, navy blue skirt and beautiful Hermes handbag fit well so perfectly.

Those knee-high boots are grogeous and leg-lengthening.

I love the contrast of those bright blue pumps against the black leather pants.

One thing I really admire about Palermo is how she is proud to wear the same thing twice. Fashion now seems to be about having the latest trend rather than the ability to be versatile. Good on you, Palermo!

Brown, brown, brown!

This is probably the odd one out of the bunch, but I absolutely love that structured jacket of hers with the rounded shoulders. It adds so much dimension and welcoming curves.

Casual and chic.

Solid black.

Bundle up!

Now this is the office look I'm aiming for.

I'm proud to say I've worn this colour scheme before, and I have to say I'm now called the mustard girl... but for good reasons of course!

Look at that clutch!

Gorgeous heels.

Olivia Palermo. Embodiment of chic.

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